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Missing Deadlines Associated With A Case

In Kentucky, there are rules of procedure that apply to each case going through the courts. In addition to these general rules of procedure, there are local rules that apply to specific courts in each region. The judges in these courts have certain expectations from the attorneys appearing before them and require attorneys to meet the requirements and deadlines being imposed when filing briefs or responding to requests from the other parties. Every attorney should have a calendaring system that allows them to know when things are due to be submitted to the courts. Unfortunately, some attorneys do not have such a system in place, or they lack familiarity with the local rules, which leads to missed deadlines. Judges frequently get frustrated and dismiss cases when attorneys fail to follow clear the rules, after giving the attorney an opportunity to correct his or her missed deadlines, no matter how valid the case may be on the merits.

At William F. McMurry & Associates, in Louisville, we can help you hold your lawyer accountable for missed deadlines that have caused you to lose the money you should have recovered, but for the attorney’s negligence. Our firm is led by William F. McMurry, the only attorney in Kentucky who is Board Certified as a Legal Malpractice Trial Specialist* by the American Board of Professional Liability Attorneys (ABPLA). Mr. McMurry is a champion for the underdog and has more than three decades of experience in legal malpractice law. You will have a proven advocate on your side to help you when your lawyer has negligently handled your claim.

Providing Knowledgeable Guidance With Your Malpractice Case

Your attorney owes you a duty of care when handling your case. They need to meet their obligations to you by submitting the proper materials before the deadline passes; this is something that is expected from them at all times. Whether missing the deadline was intentional or simply due to carelessness, you have options available to you.

Some of the most frequently missed deadlines involve:

  • Briefs and answers
  • Responses to interrogatories
  • Issues associated with depositions
  • Discovery requests
  • Court appearances

A missed deadline that caused your case to be thrown out is not enough for you to have a valid claim against your lawyer. For you to have success in a legal malpractice action, we need to be able to show that you would have prevailed in your initial case, which is the case where your previous lawyer was negligent in the handling of your case. Our extensive courtroom experience allows us to have the knowledge necessary to demonstrate why you had a valid claim, and then show why your attorney’s actions resulted in your loss.

Here To Help When Your Lawyer Fails To Meet Their Obligations To You

If your case has been negatively impacted because your attorney missed an important deadline, our experienced team can help you explore all options available to you. To schedule a free consultation, please call 502-326-9000 or go to our contact page.

*Kentucky does not currently certify attorneys as specialists in any field of law. However, Mr. McMurry has the specific credentials allowing him to be identified as a specialist under the rules of the Kentucky Bar Association in the field of legal malpractice.

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