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Fight Back Against Abuse By Clergy Members

The sexual abuse of a child by a trusted adult can cause terrible and lifelong damage. This kind of abuse is especially egregious when the abuser is a leader in their community and seen as an arbiter of morality. Unfortunately, members of the clergy in Kentucky and across the United States have systematically abused children and then covered up that abuse for years.

At William F. McMurry & Associates, we have fought for years to expose sexual abusers in the clergy and protect the rights of our abused clients. If you, your child or loved one was abused by a member of the clergy, attorney William F. McMurry will represent your interests and fight to hold the clergy member and church responsible in a civil suit. He is the only lawyer who has successfully sued the Vatican for abuse committed by members of the Roman Catholic Church.

You can talk to Mr. McMurry in a free consultation at the firm’s Louisville office by calling 502-326-9000.

A History Of Taking On The Church

Mr. McMurry has taken legal action against the clergy many times over his long career as a personal injury attorney, including:

Mr. McMurry filed suit against the Catholic Archdiocese of Louisville on behalf of a Prospect, Kentucky, man who claimed a Catholic priest sexually abused him in the 1970s. The case settled, forcing the Archdiocese of Louisville to pay $25.7 million to nearly 250 alleged victims* of sexual abuse by priests and other employees of the Roman Catholic Church.

On July 16, 2004, it was made public that Mr. McMurry has filed suit against the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth, a local order of Roman Catholic nuns, on behalf of seven people alleging sexual abuse by a priest and two sisters at an Anchorage orphanage run by the order in the 1950s and 1960s. The case reached a settlement on August 25, 2006, with the Sisters of Charity agreeing to pay $1.5 million to the victims*.

Schedule Your Consultation With A Lawyer

Mr. McMurry has helped many people in Kentucky defend their rights and obtain compensation for the abuse they survived. If you or your loved one was abused by a member of the clergy, he can help you investigate the abuse and create a strong claim.

There are strict statutes of limitations in sexual abuse cases and waiting to contact an attorney may cause problems for your suit. You can schedule your free consultation with Mr. McMurry by calling 502-326-9000 or sending an email.

*There is no guarantee of recovery in any case because each case has its own specific factual and legal circumstances. The cases presented were resolved because of their specific factual and legal circumstances. Attorney fees and case preparation expenses were deducted from each recovery, thereby reducing the amount actually received by the client.



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