While to some this may be a “secret not yet told,” I know 44 persons, mostly little girls, who were viciously sexually abused by nuns of the Sister’s of Charity from the late 1940s through the mid-1980s. Most of these survivors were abused while residing at an 800+ bed Catholic Orphanage in Louisville, Kentucky. These brave survivors came forward as plaintiffs in a lawsuit I filed in 2004 and told their stories in a most public forum. Our case gained national attention at that time, but it seems to me that our survivors are soon forgotten within a decade. This is clearly the case when we read of “surprise” today at the number of pedophile priests identified in the recent Pennsylvania Report. Kim Ricardson, a survivor of abuse by the Sisters of Charity and a plaintiff in our lawsuit wrote her story in a book titled, The Unbreakable Child, which describes the evil acts of these nuns, abuse both physical and sexual. The stories told by these plaintiffs are so horrific that they still haunt me today. I recommend this book to CBS should they be interested in knowing that abuse by nuns is no secret.      CBS Story on Nun Abuse

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