William F. McMurry and Kaitlin Smith Dean represent Eric Flynn, who continues his quest for justice after 16 years living as a survivor of sexual abuse at the hands of his basketball and golf coach, Drew Conliffe. After interviewing more than 50 people for this story, R.G. Dunlop of Kentucky Center for Investigative Reporting reported today on Eric Flynn’s abuse and the shocking revelation that the police investigative file remains missing. Drew Conliffe is the son of former Jefferson County Attorney Mike Conliffe.

It appears that Eric Flynn is not the only survivor. Conliffe has continued to be directly involved with children through his association with Junior PGA Golf tournaments throughout the region. Anyone with information which could assist William F McMurry and Kaitlin Smith Dean in their investigation into the abusive acts committed by Drew Conliffe from before and after the year 2000 is asked to contact William F. McMurry at 502-326-9000.

Read the full story at http://kycir.org/2018/11/02/a-louisville-family-reported-sexual-abuse-by-a-coach-he-worked-with-kids-for-15-more-years

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